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You finally have decided to go for that special trip. A safari in East Africa. You are looking on the internet and come across so many safari’s and have no clue where to start. What kind of safari you want, where to go. Do you want to go to Kenya to see the migration in the Masai Mara. Or visit the gorilla’s in Uganda?

Do you want to book a private safari or join a group to save on budget? And which company is reliable?

Safari Navigator can assist you. We can give you advice and even go that extra mile to find the perfect safari for you. We do cooperate with our local partners, we know personally and trust them to offer you the best service and follow the agreement. 


How do we help you? All you need to do is to fill our form which shows all the details you find important for your safari.

If we still have questions we contact you through email or whats app.

We shall contact our local coordinators to find the perfect safari for you. Thereafter we get back to you with their proposal( s) . If it is exactly what you are looking for we shall refer you to the agent, or we do the booking for you, and send you all the documents so you can send the requested deposit to the agent and proceed with the booking requirements.

Our consultation is for free! Don’t get lost in the jungle let us navigate you!